Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Hot

Mom and Dad dropped off the hot water heater we needed earlier in the week. The old one died, poor thing. So Honey and I replaced the Hot water heater today...

It was a joy to do.

First we looked at the old one sighed heavily and softly shook our heads. Then we cut the power and attached the hose to it. We watched the water trickle out of the hose and said this isn't going to work. : )  Honey got up on the step stool and disconnected the piping. Still only trickling... This is still not working....
Now we are tipping the old heater and some how getting it to the ground. Yep we tipped it and dropped on the ground as carefully as possible.. Yea.. It went fast, and once on its side the water poured out of the top connecters.

Honey checked the connections, old one is bigger then new one. Off to Menards!! Found the conversion adapter thing. Get home and Honey fixes it so that the pipes fit. Yea!! Honey!!! You Rock!! Hook everything up and turn on the power. Now we have a sprinkler.. Not for long Super Honey to the rescue with the pipe wrench. A couple more twists and we are sprinkle free. Now we wait for it to fill up and heat it all up and then take a shower. A Hot Shower, Yes!! It Will be Wonderful!!!

Yes it was!!
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