Friday, August 31, 2012

My Other Life

I used to knit, ride horses and work for the most part. As of late I have been a night owl, my clock is all backward, working second and coming home to the biggest most loveable night owl I know, my hubby. He is a certified METAL HEAD. Lives and breaths everything Heavy Metal. Soooo most of my extra time has been at a venue that he books and promotes for (Blackened Moon Concert Hall) with earplugs. I have taken the role of photographer, graphic artist, bar maid, and door person for the venue right along side him. I have learned a ton, how to run the bar and door, how to get the most out of my cameras and how to get the shots people/bands like. Not to mention everything that I done with flies, band fliers, show fliers, venue flies, coupons and announcements. I have met so many different and cool people, and to show how small the world is quite a few of them share my love for both knitting and horses. I might not share the love for that type of music but I do appreciate it. So life is busier now... I still get to knit and ride but not as much. I also look at heavy metal type patterns to knit for my hubby. He wears about any hat I knit so now to get him into some thing else. Maybe a scarf cowl, willie warmer never know!!

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