Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's Try again

This is a new Blogger account. Blogger was bought out by Google and much congrats to both parties I am glad you are happy. But some where in the merger and what ever else happened, my account go messed up. My blog was two years old and is now gone. My account was made under a diff rent email address, long before I got a Google account. With the merger Google made me a new Google account separate from the one I already have. I deleted the account, I have enough going on in my cyber world that I don't need another password, email address, or anything in between. When doing so it Deleted everything associated with it. *&^%$#@. I have petitioned to have the account undeleted. That was yesterday, still no answer on that as of yet. So if they don't come up with something, we'll keep this one going. But man I lost two years. Not Cool.
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