Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer, Knitting and Stuff

I don't know about the rest of you but I have had a hard time knitting this summer.
First of all the weather has been great and I have not wanted to bring out the knits, even on the rainy days.
Second, I am going threw some life changes that have effected everything I do. So the budget has been tightened (like we haven't heard that one before, lol) and the time has been focused with more pressing matters. (It sucks being a grown up some times.)
Anther thing is to,I have taken up taking photos of the 4-Hr's at fun shows because most families can't afford the pictures taken at the county fair. And shooting what ever I think looks good or tickles my fancy. It tickles quite a bit to.
And last, I have lost my job like many in Michigan, due to cut backs and the economy. I had this job for a number years and really loved it. Each project provided a puzzle per say that had to be solved and fixed before it to moved on, off my desk. Some harder then others but there was always something to find. I really loved the taking it apart and making it work aspect. I am actively looking and trying to reinvent, and I tell you it is hard. The hardest thing I have done yet in my life. I had gone from job to job on my terms, never on someone else's terms before. I have some wonderful ideas on what I want to do and don't know how to implement them. It is a very different experience. I'll keep you posted.
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