Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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1/08/05 to 3/04/09
My mom, sister and I rescued Precious from a puppy mill-type breeder on January 8, 2005. We were told that she was spayed and was a good house dog. That little girl was so scared of everything she would mess herself. We took her home and had our vet check her out. The breeder had tried to do a C-section on her. She was not spayed, and most of her gut had attached its self to her belly. She was in constant pain. The vet spayed her and cleaned up the hack job that the breeder did.
Precious, never really trusted people, but she loved and trusted my mom. Mom was the only one that could pick her up and hold her like a baby. She stayed mostly in a doggie bed under a blanket peeking out watching the world. She felt safe and secure in that bed that was at mom’s feet. Precious would come out to bark with the other dogs, beg for people food, and for mom.
She was mom’s baby girl, her little lap warmer. Sadly, cancer took her today, and Precious will be sorely missed. Mom gave her the best five years of her life. We will miss you Precious. Luvs

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