Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Wine Please

I have recently taken an interest in wines. I love all the different graphics and designs used for the labels. Some of them are really creative. I was trying wines by how much I liked the labels. That really didn't work out all that well.

Then I was trying what my friends were drinking but Boons Farm and boxed wines give me massive headaches. Not Good.

So I asked Delia of Wine and Needles what advice she had on wines. She gave all of us a wonderful list in her blog. Well I tried one. Barefoot Cellars, Chardonnay, oh my goodness talk about yummy. I drank it at room temp while fixing some dinner. I have heard that whites go with pork, chicken and fish and reds go with beef and pasta. But Delia said if you like it drink it and after popping the cork and smelling the aroma. I had to have a glass.

The only problem I had is I can't finish a bottle alone. After two glasses I was pretty happy. My husband doesn't care for wine so I have to drink it all. Bummer.
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